Mitsubishi Smash Repairs – Professional restoration better than DIY

Paint jobs are always necessary to keep your vehicle looking as attractive as brand new ones. One can have unlimited choices available for auto painting and restoration services, however not all auto painting companies can guarantee the same result. Mitsubishi smash repairs and auto painting is more of an art which requires experience and expertise … Continued

Mercedes Smash Repairs – Fix your car with showroom finish

It can be very painful to see your car in a damaged condition, however for all Mercedes smash repairs, you can fix your car like new again with reliable auto restoration services. Smash repairs Marrickville specializes in all areas of collision repair and known for offering the highest level of professional automotive and body shop … Continued

Holden Smash Repairs – Important bumper repair facts

Holden smash repairs recommend seeking help from professionals for every repair so that the highest standards of repair and maintenance can be guaranteed for your vehicle. The first step involved during bumper repair is removing the plastic cover from the bumper bar which can be a complex job considering there are screws to remove which … Continued

Hail Damage Repair – Driving in a Hailstorm

Driving can be extremely dangerous during a hailstorm, however one can take certain steps to ensure that you reach your destination safely. In order to reduce hail damage repair, one must immediately turn on the low beams, reduce their speed and stay aware of vehicles around you on the road. One must always allow three … Continued

GIO Insurance Repairs – Cut down insurance premium

As we all understand, car insurance is not only for compliance with regulations but it can potentially save a lot in case of any unfortunate accident or damage to vehicle in future. Every vehicle goes through wear and tear which makes GIO insurance repairs extremely expensive. There are different ways to optimize the car insurance … Continued

Collision repairs Marrickville – Tips to save money on repair

Collision repairs Marrickville is always challenging starting with the inconvenience of taking your vehicle for repair to potentially being without your car for a few days. However, it’s really the cost of repair which makes collision repairs Marrickville so infuriating. However, fortunately there are tips which can help to reduce costs and save money on … Continued

BMW Smash Repairs – Steps to follow in case of an accident

Accidents can be sudden and tragic and it’s important to know the steps one must follow in case of an accident. The ignition of the vehicles involved must be turned off. First and foremost check for injuries because life is much more important than damage to vehicles. Make note of the specific damages to the … Continued

Audi Smash Repairs – Reliable car body repairs

Keeping your car in pristine condition can be quite challenging because once you are out on the road, other drivers mayn’t be as considerate and soon you may find your car get scraped or scratched. There could be other reasons like inclement weather, gravels or, other obstructions on the road causing dents which may need … Continued

A&G Insurance Repairs – Non-fault accident car repairs

It can be quite difficult to proceed when you are involved in a non fault car accident. The first instinct may be to contact your insurance company and let them deal with the situation on your behalf. However, one needs to also consider the excess which one may need to pay and the loss of … Continued