Are New Parts Required For Sydney Smash Repairs?

Sometimes an auto wreck in the Sydney or Marrickville area can entail more than just the outside part of a vehicle being damaged. It can also involve various mechanical parts being harmed. The muffler might be cracked or a strut or shock can be dislodged, for instance. Sometimes Sydney smash repairs will entail the use … Continued

Sydney Smash Repairs and Auto Electrical Problems

When car owners bring their damaged vehicles to Sydney smash repairs shop after a collision, some of the most common issues that the mechanics and technicians have to deal with are auto electrical problems. Such problems usually occur because of the strong impact that may have damaged the car’s auto electrical components or electrical wirings. … Continued

Car paint jobs!

Car paint jobs that utilise pearlescent paints are also referred to as three-stage painting. This is because the whole painting process involves the application of three coats namely the base coat, a second coating, and the clear coat. This is in comparison to the usual car paint jobs which involves only two stages, the application … Continued

Sydney Smash Repairs: Panel Beating

It sometimes happens that no matter how careful and responsible you may be as a driver or vehicle owner, bad luck unfortunately steps in to wreak havoc on your prized car – literally. Collisions can happen even if it is in no way your fault – with a reckless driver suddenly bashing into your car, … Continued