A&G Insurance Repairs – Choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts

In the unfortunate event of an accident when your car requires A&G Insurance repairs, the first challenge is to decide between OEM or aftermarket parts for the repair. Insurance companies may recommend the use of aftermarket parts because they are much cheaper compared to OEM parts. In such cases where the use of OEM parts mayn’t be allowed by the insurance company, you may have to cover the difference in costs between using an OEM part and aftermarket part. Manufactures of OEM parts claim that aftermarket parts are not subjected to the rigorous crash testing procedures which OEM parts go through and hence OEM parts are safer.The use of aftermarket parts in A&G insurance repairs will also lower the resale value of the vehicle. For high end cars and for owners who may be planning to sell their car, it makes more sense to use OEM parts for the repair, even if that means that you have to foot a substantial part of the repair cost.