Audi Smash Repairs – Modern body repair techniques

When you are looking for effective Audi smash repairs which can get your vehicle back on the road after an accident you may come across terms like panel beating and spray painting. There are several auto body workshops around you who are using modern body repair techniques to ensure that your car can be restored to its factory finish even after extensive damage caused by an accident.

There are several modern day body repair techniques which are implemented as part of Audi smash repairs which includes Paintless dent removal, Body frame straightening, Auto paint match and SMART repairs. For dents in hard to reach areas of the vehicle, various fill and spray methods are used. A photo spectrometer is used by professionals to evaluate the original colour of the car when repainting the body of the car is needed as part of Audi smash repairs.

A computerised system which makes use of ultrasound technology is used to provide accurate measurements which can help in body frame straightening.