BMW Smash Repairs – Important accessories to protect your vehicle

There are several things one can do to ensure better protection of their vehicle. One of them includes use of accessories which can offer enhanced protection and thereby avoid the need for BMW smash repairs. The custom made front end car bra provides maximum protection to your vehicle’s front by acting as a shield against … Continued

A&G Insurance Repairs – Choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts

In the unfortunate event of an accident when your car requires A&G Insurance repairs, the first challenge is to decide between OEM or aftermarket parts for the repair. Insurance companies may recommend the use of aftermarket parts because they are much cheaper compared to OEM parts. In such cases where the use of OEM parts … Continued

YOUI Insurance Repairs – Making your Insurance Claim

When you get your vehicle to a body shop who are approved for Youi insurance repairs, and if you are insured with Youi as well, you can easily lodge your claim, provide information and seek professional advice to speed your claim and the repair of your damaged vehicle. A car accident can be extremely stressful … Continued

Subaru Smash Repairs – Paintless Dent Removal facts

For Subaru Smash repairs, one has two popular choices i.e. Paintless dent removal or, traditional body shop methods. Depending on the size, severity and location of the damage one can choose the best method. In cases where the paintwork is intact and doesn’t show any damage, one can make use of Paintless dent removal techniques. … Continued

Smash Repairs Alexandria – Finding experienced panel beaters

For high quality Smash repairs Alexandria one needs to find a reliable and skilled panel beater who can help you restore the showroom finish for your vehicle. Professional tradesmen who specialize in the repair, maintenance and restoration of vehicles which have been damaged due to collision or impact with blunt objects. Smash repairs Alexandria takes … Continued

Nissan Smash Repairs – Don’t drive with a cracked windscreen

In case you see any crack in your windscreen, it is always recommended to visit your nearest body shop for a windscreen repair or replacement because a single crack can potentially impair the structure of the entire windshield. Whenever one drives with a cracked windscreen, they are always distracted which can be quite dangerous at … Continued

Mitsubishi Smash Repairs – Professional restoration better than DIY

Paint jobs are always necessary to keep your vehicle looking as attractive as brand new ones. One can have unlimited choices available for auto painting and restoration services, however not all auto painting companies can guarantee the same result. Mitsubishi smash repairs and auto painting is more of an art which requires experience and expertise … Continued

Mercedes Smash Repairs – Fix your car with showroom finish

It can be very painful to see your car in a damaged condition, however for all Mercedes smash repairs, you can fix your car like new again with reliable auto restoration services. Smash repairs Marrickville specializes in all areas of collision repair and known for offering the highest level of professional automotive and body shop … Continued

Holden Smash Repairs – Important bumper repair facts

Holden smash repairs recommend seeking help from professionals for every repair so that the highest standards of repair and maintenance can be guaranteed for your vehicle. The first step involved during bumper repair is removing the plastic cover from the bumper bar which can be a complex job considering there are screws to remove which … Continued