BMW Smash Repairs – Steps to follow in case of an accident

Accidents can be sudden and tragic and it’s important to know the steps one must follow in case of an accident. The ignition of the vehicles involved must be turned off. First and foremost check for injuries because life is much more important than damage to vehicles. Make note of the specific damages to the vehicles involved.

BMW smash repairs also needs you to note the names, address, license number of the vehicles involved in the accident. Call the police and get a report number and also write down names and addresses of anyone who has witnessed the accident.  Next call the collision centre to set up an estimate of BMW smash repairs and arrange for road assistance and a replacement car if needed.

You mustn’t sign any document unless it’s for the police or your insurance agent. You shouldn’t accept any offer of cash or other settlement. One must be calm, courteous and consistent in their version of the accident.