Can Hailstorms Cause Significant Damage to Your Vehicle?

Many people feel that the smash repair specialists in Lewisham and other areas can only provide collision repair services. However, this is not entirely true. Providing collision repairs is undoubtedly one of main areas of service that repair shops typically provide. But, they can provide a diverse range of other services as well. For instance, repairing vehicles damaged in hailstorms is another kind of service that many smash repair shops offer. If you haven’t been in a hailstorm, you will probably have little idea of the kind of damage that hail can inflict on a vehicle. Just one hailstone could be enough to cause a major dent. Several of them could destroy windshields, mirrors and headlights as well. This is why many insurance companies across the country provide coverage for hailstorm damage.

For the uninitiated, hail forms when raindrops freeze and become small blocks of ice. In many cases, these hailstones could be smaller than an inch in diameter. Raindrops can seldom cause serious damage to a car. But, as they fall through the sky, they could accumulate several layers of ice. This will naturally make them larger. More importantly, it could make them hard enough to cause significant damage upon impact. On occasions, hailstones could be the size of a softball or even, a grapefruit. Each year, claims of hail damage add up to several thousands of dollars in Australia. As such, if you didn’t have this cover in your auto insurance policy, you could find yourself seriously at risk. This is especially so if you’ve just shifted to a hailstorm-prone area.

Few things in life could be as frustrating as leaving your car parked safely only to find it riddled with dents cause by hailstones on your return. Nevertheless, this can be quite a common occurrence in some parts of the country. As mentioned earlier, hailstones can shatter windshields, side view mirrors and headlights. In some cases, they could significantly alter the body of the vehicle as well. To remedy this, you will need to hand over your vehicle for the necessary Suzuki or Mercedes smash repairs. However, it is worth pointing out that repairing hailstone damage could be quite costly in some cases. This is why obtaining hailstorm damage cover in your auto insurance policy might be worthwhile.