Car paint jobs!

Car paint jobs that utilise pearlescent paints are also referred to as three-stage painting. This is because the whole painting process involves the application of three coats namely the base coat, a second coating, and the clear coat. This is in comparison to the usual car paint jobs which involves only two stages, the application of a base coat followed by the clear coat. So keep in mind that whenever you ask for a pearlescent car painting job after your BMW smash repairs or Audi smash repairs, there should always be three coatings to be applied, and anything less would be a scam.
Pearlescent paints have different chemical compositions when compared to other types of car paints, and its closest competition would be metallic paints when it comes to the final output. For instance, metallic paints get their sparkling finish from the aluminum flakes that are added to the paint. These aluminum flakes reflects light and gives the metallic paint a glimmering finish. With pearlescent paints, the aluminum particles are replaced with ceramic particles or mica. This is basically what makes the huge difference, because it is the mica particles that reflect light, and at the same time refract it (this refraction gives the car paint the variety of colours that are perceived when viewing the newly painted vehicle.) In addition, a metallic painted car has a loud appeal to it, whereas a pearlescent painted car has more of a soft glow than a shine. The chemical properties involved in the paint mixture is rather complicated to discuss, but a Sydney smash repairs experts should be able to explain it to you in more detail if you’d care to know more.