Collision repairs Marrickville – Driving safely on icy roads

Icy roads can be more difficult to drive than every day driving conditions. It can soon escalate to an accident if the driver is not well prepared for the icy driving conditions thereby requiring collision repairs Marrickville. Stay aware and always be up to date with the weather forecast and road closures. In case of accidents or dangerous conditions on the route you will be driving take preventive action as applicable.

Always keep the headlights on so that you can properly see the road ahead and manoeuvre around obstacles better. Prepare your vehicle for the winter months so as to avoid collision repairs Marrickville. This includes replacing the tires with winter tires or, all season tires. Ensure that the tyre offers best traction under slippery road conditions.

Essential snow removal tools like an ice scraper etc. would help in removing snow and ice from the windows of your vehicle. Always drive cautiously and keep the speed under control to allow better reaction time.