Collision repairs Marrickville – Tips to save money on repair

Collision repairs Marrickville is always challenging starting with the inconvenience of taking your vehicle for repair to potentially being without your car for a few days. However, it’s really the cost of repair which makes collision repairs Marrickville so infuriating. However, fortunately there are tips which can help to reduce costs and save money on your next collision repair.

Speak to your insurance provider because the whole point of car insurance is the financial benefit in the event of collision repairs Marrickville. Often insurance companies also have special partnership contracts with in network body shops that ensures deep discounts for you. It is also recommended to seek several estimates before settling on a particular collision centre.

Most manufacturers recommend repairs with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, however to save repair costs one can also choose generic aftermarket parts or salvaged recycled parts. However, one needs to understand that generic components mayn’t be as safe and reliable as OEM parts.