Dealing with Scratches

Car owners who have tried getting a matte paint finish on their vehicles after they’ve undergone repairs and repainting at Inner West smash repairs shop knows that this particular service does not come cheap. In fact, the rather expensive price of matte paint and painting service is one reason why such a finish is more commonly seen among cars and vehicles on the higher end of the price spectrum. As such, the best remedy for scratches on matter painted cars is to keep it from happening in the first place.

But we all know how accidents can happen even to the most careful of drivers. It doesn’t even have to be their fault or another person’s fault. Just think about how many car owners come to a shop that offers collision repair in Marrickville for hail damage repair. But going back to scratches, one issue that you need to be aware of with regard to matte paint and finish is that paint defects will certainly stand out. In fact, a small scratch on a matte painted car will be very noticeable, whereas that same small scratch can hardly be noticed on a gloss finished vehicle.

But the biggest problem is that these scratches on a matte painted vehicle will be very, very difficult to remove. Those paint retouching methods that shops offering Nissan smash repairs or Holden smash repairs (or smash repairs for any brand of car for that matter) usually conduct for their customers with gloss finished cars will not work on matte painted cars. Think about wet sanding, polishing or waxing—all these will do nothing to restore the pristine look of your scratched matte finish.

In addition, if there is a method of retouching a damaged matte paint, there is still another problem that must be addressed. That is, it can be very challenging to match the exact shade of the original matte finish. This is with regard to cars that are sold in matte finish, and not those matte paint jobs done by shops offering Volvo smash repairs or Mitsubishi smash repairs. If it is possible to retouch a scratch on your car, just bring it back to the shop that did the paint job.

However, with cars that come with factory matte finish, it will take a really good professional to perfectly match the colors. Thus, the only solution for such a dilemma is to bring your car back to the dealership and let them fix it. For instance, there are BMW cars that come with factory matte finish, and after an accident and undergoing a BMW smash repairs service, the owner still needs to get in touch with the dealership in order to match the match the matte paint used by the manufacturer.

So there goes this idea that if your matte painted car has a scratch, you either learn to live with it or have the whole car repainted. How true is that? Well, not necessarily. The solution would rely heavily on where the scratch it. If it’s on a side panel for instance, the damage panel can be removed and repainted, which is a cheaper option versus having the whole car repainted or living with a heartache due to the scratch. However, you’ll need the help of a really good shop that offers matte paint job services and smash repairs in Marrickville in order to make it truly work. Anything less and you’ll end up with a side panel that is of a different hue than the rest of your car.