Hail Damage Repair – Driving in a hailstorm

Falling precipitation, strong updrafts and freezing temperatures can cause a hailstorm which can make driving extremely dangerous. In case you are caught in between a hailstorm, the below mentioned steps would ensure that you can avoid Hail damage repair. Immediately drop your speed, switch on the low beams and stay aware of the vehicles around you to react better.

It is always recommended to leave around three times the usual distance from the vehicle in front to avoid a rear end collision. When it is safe to do so, get off the road as the impact of hail is greater on a moving object. When pulling onto the hard shoulder, angle the car so that the falling hail hits the windshield and not the side or back windows.

Hail damage repair can include repairing a damaged windshield and paintless dent removal for minor dents and dings. For all repair and replacement always seek professional assistance from reputed auto repair workshops.