How Hail Damage Repair Works For Your Vehicle Without Any Paint Involved

Hail can be a real problem on any car in the Sydney or Marrickville areas. Whether it’s a Volvo, Suzuki or Mitsubishi, hail can cause plenty of dents in a vehicle. It can make a vehicle look less appealing as there are loads of indentations all around. The worst part is that it is next to impossible to tell when hail might fall.

Fortunately, a hail damage repair service can make a real difference for any vehicle. This is a great part of smash repairs Marrickville that ensures that a vehicle can be fixed up and made to look good as new when treated right. Best of all, it can be done without the use of paint.

Dent Removal Works Without Paint

This part of Sydney smash repairs works without having to use any harsh or tough materials that can add stress to a car and hurt its paint job. This is thanks to how the dents caused by hail can be removed with a simple process:

1. To start, some tail lights, body panels or other features of a car have to be removed. This is to gain access to the dent in question.

2. Next, the dent has to be reviewed. A light board can be used to illuminate the dented area. This helps to get an idea of where the centre of the dent is. It is needed to figure out where even the smallest dents might be.

3. Slow pressure is applied onto the centre of the dent. This often entails tools like a few rods and maybe a vacuum. The pressure is applied to gently move the dent back outward. As a result, the surface should look smooth again without having to add any paint.

Works For All People

This part of Audi, Subaru, Nissan and Volvo smash repairs can be handled for all kinds of cars. This is especially appropriate for car dealerships. Instead of having to sell hail-damaged cars at a discount, a dealer can get one’s cars fixed with a simple hail damage repair service.

This is a process that will work well if planned properly. Any dent that is caused by hail can be quickly repaired with a simple process that uses no paint and is gentle on the car.