Maintenance for Matte Painted Cars

Care and maintenance for matte paint and finish is different from those required by cars with a gloss finish. One mistake that many people with matte painted cars is to bring them to shops that are not knowledgeable about how to care for matte paints and finish. When they do, the shop simply uses products that have waxes, brighteners and fillers—all of which can negatively impact the look and appeal of their matte paint. Many Sydney smash repairs shops have seen this happen all too often.
The truth is, matte paint and finish should never be polished of waxed. This is because doing so will ruin the matte or flat look of the paint, which basically defeats the purpose of having your car matte painted. Waxing and buffing will certainly turn the paint shiny, though not as shiny as a true gloss finish like those paint jobs done by shops that offer smash repairs in Ultimo and smash repairs in Glebe.
A truly knowledgeable and experienced shop knows that you cannot use a clay bar on a matte painted car in order to remove the dirt and contaminant on its surface. Instead they will use a matte cleanser that is specifically made for this purpose. In addition, you can provide your car’s matte finish with more protection by using a matte paint sealant, and if you want to go even further, you can ask the shop to top the whole thing off with a matte paint protection film. Again, if you’re not sure which shop has access and makes use of these matte finish specific items, contact a reliable shop that offers smash repairs in Marrickville and they can help you out.