MPSR: More Than Just Smash Repairs!

It doesn’t matter how severe the damage is to your car, at Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs (MPSR), we have the expertise and technology to fix it for you. Our comprehensive car detailing includes cleaning, car restoration and finishing services to make your car look flawless and stand out wherever you go. With S.M.A.R.T. repair services, you can get minor damages fixed with quick 2 hour smash repairs.

Professionals at MPSR’s insurance claim division can help you with the complicated insurance claim processes regardless of whether you have YOUI Insurance Repairs or A&G Insurance Repairs or insurance from any other company, such as GIO Insurance Repairs. Additionally, we make sure that your life remains as normal as possible while your vehicle is being repaired. In order to eliminate any inconvenience, we offer shuttle services and courtesy vehicles to take care of your commuting needs. Let’s have a look at our smash repair services:

Panel Beating:

If you have, unfortunately, been involved in a car accident, your car probably requires a lot of fixing. Whether you need Audi Smash Repairs or BMW Smash Repairs, with our unmatched panel beating services you can get everything fixed at the most competitive rates possible. Even if it is a small dent, it will tarnish the look of your car, and be a reminder of the traumatic experience.

But do not worry; Professionals from MPSR are at your services to conduct any type of smash repairs required. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for Mercedes Smash Repairs or Nissan Smash Repairs, our panel beating services will leave your car looking like it is absolutely new.

Spray Painting:

If, while conducting Mitsubishi Smash Repairs or any other type of repairs, you decide that you are bored of how your car looks like right now, or want to try something new, getting it spray painted is one of the best ideas you can try to drastically change the look of your car. Ask any smash repair professionals specialising in Subaru Smash Repairs or Holden Smash Repairs, they will tell you that spray painting a car is the most cost efficient way of completely transforming its appearance, and you will be able to do it as frequently as you wish.

At MPSR, we endeavour to provide you with some of the finest spray paint services, using the best, most cutting-edge technology regardless of whether you want to enhance the appeal of your car or need to repaint your car after hail damage repair. No wonder, MPSR are the best known experts when it comes to smash Repairs in Glebe, smash repairs in Pyrmont as well as any other city in Sydney.

Mechanical Repairs:

No matter how well you treat your car, it will require regular mechanical repairs to keep it running smoothly. For instance if you own a Volvo or a Suzuki, the car requires more than just Volvo Smash Repairs and Suzuki Smash Repairs. Your car needs regular maintenance as well. You might even have to get these repairs done in emergency situations. No matter what needs to be fixed with professional Smash Repairs in Roseberry or any other city in Sydney- be it your front brake, or your exhaust or the driveline, suspension or transmission, we will make sure that your car is fixed, and safe to drive.

Car Restoration:

There is nothing more satisfying than looking at your car that has been restored to its original condition. If you are looking for Smash Repairs in Balmain or Smash Repairs in Lewisham, MPSR has the technology and experts you can rely on. Our skilled car restoration experts can repair and alter your car to fit your exact requirements, and it will perform better and look more stunning than whatever the original model was.

The best part is that it’s always a fun project to undertake- especially if you already have to undertake smash repairs in mascot or any other place, for your car. If you are thinking of restoring your car, get in touch with MPSR. Our years of experience and keen-eyed staff will turn your car into the one of your dreams!

Auto Electrical:

AT MPSR, you’ll get a wide range of electrical and electronic services for your car. Our technical specialists can also provide a huge range of Smash Repairs in Alexandria, and Smash Repairs in Ultimo as well as in all the adjoining areas. These comprehensive repairs also include fixing any electrical damages on your car, or revamping the auto-electrical circuits to make your car more efficient and powerful than before.

So, the next time you’re looking to repair/revamp your air conditioning, fuel injectors, car battery, alternators, power windows, or engine, just give us a call. We will provide you with a quote that will certainly astonish you with the affordability!


At Marrickville Prestige Smash Repairs (MPSR), we are passionate about automobiles- and it is this passion that sets us apart. We think that each car is unique, just like its owner, and requires special care and attention. When you choose us, you don’t only get timely and cost efficient service, you get a team of mechanics and technicians that will treat your car like it’s their own.