Smash Repairs Alexandria

An accident is unfortunate, sudden and comes without any warning which is why it is important to know what should be done in the event of a collision. During the first 30 seconds, one should stay in the car, put emergency flashers and headlights on full beam, switch off the engine, apply the handbrake, try to relax and check that all passengers are fine.

In case there are no injuries and you don’t need to get medical attention, check for any signs of aggression from the other driver. Only if it is safe, you can open your door and discretely take a couple of quick photos and ask nearby drivers for their details and if they would be willing to act as witnesses. Take photographs of the cars involved and license plates along with photos of the road and surrounding areas.

Make important notes and then cooperate with the police and request for an incident number. Call your insurance company to advise on the accident and then get your car to a reputed smash repairs Glebe which can restore your damaged vehicle.