Smash repairs in Marickville !

For many auto body repair shops and smash repairs in Marickville and Sydney, the process of panel beating may vary, but all will follow general steps and procedures. Panel beating starts by evaluating the extent of damage on the vehicle, which then allows the panel beater to determine what type of work and how much work will go into this particular auto body repair process. After this, the panel beater will then detach the damaged panels or components in order to repair them. This is done by cutting the damaged panels or unscrewing them from the vehicle. Using mechanical, hydraulic and metalworking equipment, the panel beater repairs the damaged panel and then re-attaches the repaired parts to the vehicle. If there are cracks and holes in the damaged panel, a filler is applied and allowed to cure, after which it is sanded until a smooth surface is achieved. Only after the surface has been smoothed and prepped can the paint and clear coat be applied. Whether you are in need of Holden smash repairs or Nissan smash repairs, these processes will generally all be applied.