Smash Repairs Lewisham – Repairing dents with Paintless dent removal

With the growing number of cars on the road every day, smash repairs Lewisham are always busy. Smash repairs Lewisham are done with the specialist machines which are necessary for contemporary smash repairs like paintless dent removal. PDR offers excellent results at a low cost and doesn’t damage the existing duco paint on the panels.

To get the best results it takes a lot of patience, experience and use of the right tools. PDR can bring you impressive benefits like significant cost savings, greater convenience, resale value retention and no colour matching concerns. Smash repairs Lewisham makes use of paintless dent removal which is a method of removing small dents and dings from the metal panels of the vehicle using tools which carefully massages out the damage without affecting the paint.

The paintless dent removal process costs about one quarter that of traditional body work. Also, it takes very less time for multiple repairs, thereby ensuring quick turnaround time for smash repairs Lewisham.