Smash Repairs Ultimo – Avoid Fatigued driving

Fatigued driving can significantly increase the risk of being involved in a serious road accident. Knowing the cause and symptoms of driver fatigue is important so that one can prevent this hazard and ensure safe driving. This also means less trips to the workshop for Smash repairs Ultimo.

Frequent reasons for fatigued driving includes lack of quality rest and long periods of driving without sleep. Judgement and decision making abilities are seriously impaired and reaction times get slow which can cause collision with another vehicle or, the vehicle veered off the road.

Few common symptoms of fatigued driving includes Feeling impatient, Inattentiveness, Repeated yawning, Brief lapses in memory, Feeling disconnected, Shallow breathing, burning eyes and Abnormal driving behaviour like ignoring traffic signs etc. One can lower the risks of a crash and avoid smash repairs Ultimo by ensuring plenty of rest and keeping a regular sleep schedule.