Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is an important part of the spray painting process. Before your car can be painted or primed, it needs to be sanded on every area where the paint is to be applied. Sanding is an essential part of the process because this allows for better bonding between the surface of the car and the paint. If the surface is not properly sanded, then even the best quality paints will eventually peel off. Generally, the car will be sanded using a machine sander in order to remove the old paint and rust, and then sanded by hand to ensure that every area is properly covered. In addition, any dings or dents will need to be repaired during this time since they will definitely show up in the paint job if left unchecked. If you just availed of Volvo smash repairs or Audi smash repairs (or smash repairs for any brand, make, or model) than these issues should have already been dealt with.