Suzuki Smash Repairs – Common reasons for windshield damage

The windshield plays a critical role in a car because it’s a key structural component of the car. However, it can be very vulnerable to damage from a wide variety of sources. Learning about the common reasons behind windshield damage can help in preventing a damage and a corresponding trip to the workshop for Suzuki smash repairs.

Stray rocks from road construction materials can get caught in the tire of fast moving vehicles and can be hurled back into oncoming traffic thereby causing damage to the windshield. It is always wise to keep a safe driving distance from semi trucks and other big vehicles which can send flying rocks towards your vehicle.

Vehicle cargo debris can become a flying projectile and cause significant damage to the windshield which may need Suzuki smash repairs. Last but not the least, inclement weather conditions like hail storm can chip or crack the windshield. The best way to avoid bad weather is to park the car under a cover or inside the garage until the weather gets better.