Sydney Smash Repairs: Car Painting and Detailing Myths Part 3

Myth #6: Clearcoat Finishes Don’t Need to Be Waxed

The great thing about many of today’s clearcoats is that they’re more durable and long-lasting than the older one. This is good, but it becomes bad when it misleads vehicle owners to think that because they have an excellent clearcoat means that they no longer need to wax it. One must keep in mind that clearcoat is just like paint, and is susceptible to damages that car paints usually go through. Thus, periodic waxing with high quality waxes is still necessary if you want to keep your vehicle’s exteriors looking sleek and appealing. This is even truer for cars that have been in collision and undergo collision repairs in Marrickville or cars that are sent to Inner West smash repairs, since after they are repaired and painted and clearcoat is applied, the mechanics and experts will still suggest that you wax your car regularly.

Myth #7: Car Wax Can Protect Your Car from Fire Damage

There are many salesmen who will try to convince you that their wax or car protectant product is the best in town, and sometimes they do a demonstration in front of you, usually by setting a fire on top of the car’s hood where they just applied their wax or product. This may look legit at first glance, but don’t be fooled. The truth of the matter is that the fire burns because of the fumes rising from the gas they poured on the hood, so yes, the fire doesn’t even touch the hood for the most part. In fact, you can place your hand on the part where the fire was set and you won’t feel any significant heat at all—you may even discover that a hood on a hot summer’s day is much warmer than the one set on fire. So after your Audi smash repairs or Subaru smash repairs and applying a clearcoat, please don’t try this test on your car. If in the case where there is damage because of you trying this test, you won’t be able to file for YOUI insurance repairs, A&G insurance repairs, or GIO insurance repairs or any insurance repairs for the matter.

In order to better protect your car and keep it looking great, be wary about the above mentioned car paint and detailing myths. You can talk to our professionals here at the shop by paying us a visit or by giving us a call at (02) 9569 7277 or send us a message through our contact page. Whether you need good advice for keeping your car paint in excellent condition or are in need of services like BMW smash repairs, Nissan smash repairs, Holden smash repairs, or even hail damage repairs or general smash repairs for any type and brand of vehicle, you can count on us for help.