Audi Smash Repairs – Modern body repair techniques

When you are looking for effective Audi smash repairs which can get your vehicle back on the road after an accident you may come across terms like panel beating and spray painting. There are several auto body workshops around you who are using modern body repair techniques to ensure that your car can be restored … Continued

Audi Smash Repairs – Reliable car body repairs

Keeping your car in pristine condition can be quite challenging because once you are out on the road, other drivers mayn’t be as considerate and soon you may find your car get scraped or scratched. There could be other reasons like inclement weather, gravels or, other obstructions on the road causing dents which may need … Continued

What Risks Do Aftermarket Parts Have For Inner West Smash Repairs?

There are many cases where Inner West smash repairs require the use of new parts added to your vehicle. These include things like a new bumper panel depending on how damaged it might be following the wreck. However, some places like to use aftermarket parts. These are parts that are made by companies with the … Continued

Paintless Dent Repair and Car insurance

Many vehicle owners are pretty concerned about Paintless dent repair and whether it will be covered by their insurance like YOUI insurance repairs, GIO insurance repairs or A&G insurance repairs. Depending on your insurance provider, your vehicle can also be protected from ding and damage repair costs. It is a fact that insurance companies often … Continued

Things to Remember When Opting For Collision Repairs Marrickville

A variety of mishaps can cause scratches, dents, or other damage to your vehicle’s body work. Tight parking spaces which make it difficult to maneuver your car in or out is one culprit, and kids playing near the vehicle is another. Even runaway pushcarts in the grocery store’s parking lot can be a source of … Continued

Sydney Smash Repairs: Car Painting and Detailing Myths Part 3

Myth #6: Clearcoat Finishes Don’t Need to Be Waxed The great thing about many of today’s clearcoats is that they’re more durable and long-lasting than the older one. This is good, but it becomes bad when it misleads vehicle owners to think that because they have an excellent clearcoat means that they no longer need … Continued


Gasoline is necessary to make our car run. However, they can be one of the most damaging chemicals to car paints as well as experts in car painting and Audi smash repairs and Holden smash repairs will tell you. It sometimes happens that when you top off at the gasoline station the gasoline spills onto … Continued

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is an important part of the spray painting process. Before your car can be painted or primed, it needs to be sanded on every area where the paint is to be applied. Sanding is an essential part of the process because this allows for better bonding between the surface of the car and … Continued