BMW Smash Repairs – Important accessories to protect your vehicle

There are several things one can do to ensure better protection of their vehicle. One of them includes use of accessories which can offer enhanced protection and thereby avoid the need for BMW smash repairs. The custom made front end car bra provides maximum protection to your vehicle’s front by acting as a shield against … Continued

What Risks Do Aftermarket Parts Have For Inner West Smash Repairs?

There are many cases where Inner West smash repairs require the use of new parts added to your vehicle. These include things like a new bumper panel depending on how damaged it might be following the wreck. However, some places like to use aftermarket parts. These are parts that are made by companies with the … Continued

Are New Parts Required For Sydney Smash Repairs?

Sometimes an auto wreck in the Sydney or Marrickville area can entail more than just the outside part of a vehicle being damaged. It can also involve various mechanical parts being harmed. The muffler might be cracked or a strut or shock can be dislodged, for instance. Sometimes Sydney smash repairs will entail the use … Continued

Paintless Dent Repair and Car insurance

Many vehicle owners are pretty concerned about Paintless dent repair and whether it will be covered by their insurance like YOUI insurance repairs, GIO insurance repairs or A&G insurance repairs. Depending on your insurance provider, your vehicle can also be protected from ding and damage repair costs. It is a fact that insurance companies often … Continued

Things to Remember When Opting For Collision Repairs Marrickville

A variety of mishaps can cause scratches, dents, or other damage to your vehicle’s body work. Tight parking spaces which make it difficult to maneuver your car in or out is one culprit, and kids playing near the vehicle is another. Even runaway pushcarts in the grocery store’s parking lot can be a source of … Continued

Sydney Smash Repairs: Car Painting and Detailing Myths Part 3

Myth #6: Clearcoat Finishes Don’t Need to Be Waxed The great thing about many of today’s clearcoats is that they’re more durable and long-lasting than the older one. This is good, but it becomes bad when it misleads vehicle owners to think that because they have an excellent clearcoat means that they no longer need … Continued

The Shop of Your Choice

If you do your homework and look around the area for shops that offer spray painting services, you will notice that there will be marked differences with their pricing. Some shops will offer spray painting services as part of their smash repairs in Marrickville services, while other shops specialize in spray painting services only. All … Continued

Choosing a Panel Beater: Go for Reputation

Auto body work repairs are necessary not only to help restore your vehicle to its original condition, but also because it helps to keep it running smoothly and safely. Because of these reasons, it is important that you select the right panel beater to help with your smash repairs needs. There are different things that … Continued