Cleaning Matte Painted Cars

The cleaning process for matte painted cars will require a different approach than those used with regular or gloss finished cars. Keep in mind that—all else being equal—matte paint or finish will scratch easily. Even those used matte paints and finishes used by shops that offer smash repairs in Alexandria or smash repairs in Mascot … Continued

Looking for Paintless Dent Repairs? We’ve Got You Covered

Location of the Dings and Dents There are certain places of your vehicle where paintless dent repair cannot be applied. For instance, if the ding or dent is located in an area which has been previously repaired or underwent repairs like Suzuki smash repairs and the likes, then paintless dent repairs may result to more … Continued

Things to Remember When Opting For Collision Repairs Marrickville

A variety of mishaps can cause scratches, dents, or other damage to your vehicle’s body work. Tight parking spaces which make it difficult to maneuver your car in or out is one culprit, and kids playing near the vehicle is another. Even runaway pushcarts in the grocery store’s parking lot can be a source of … Continued

Sydney Smash Repairs: Car Painting and Detailing Myths Part 2

Myth #3: Swirl Marks Can Be Removed by Waxing Even though they may appear invisible at times, swirl marks can still be pretty annoying especially if you’re after that really nice, sheen, and smooth look for your vehicle. There have been many products—waxes to be more specific—that were marketed as an effective way of removing … Continued


Tar is a very sticky material, and when it sticks onto your cars exteriors and left to dry, they can be very, very challenging to remove. Aside from the tar and heat doing damage to the car paint, the cleaning method used to remove the tar can also be the cause of the damage. Many … Continued