Is Your Vehicle Compatible With Paintless Dent Repair-Removal?

Unfortunately, as good as paintless dent repair may be, it is not always applicable. There are certain circumstances and conditions where paintless dent repair is not an option even when you take your vehicle to the best shops that offer Mitsubishi smash repairs or Volvo smash repairs. Extent of Paint Damage It should be remembered … Continued

Sydney Smash Repairs: Car Painting and Detailing Myths Part 2

Myth #3: Swirl Marks Can Be Removed by Waxing Even though they may appear invisible at times, swirl marks can still be pretty annoying especially if you’re after that really nice, sheen, and smooth look for your vehicle. There have been many products—waxes to be more specific—that were marketed as an effective way of removing … Continued

Battery Leaks and Damage

You should also make it a point to inspect your car’s battery every now and then. By doing so, you will be able to spot some of the earliest signs of battery damage and can prevent you from suffering complete auto electrical failure. Some of the signs you need to look for are leaks in … Continued

Smash repairs in Ultimo !

Experience is just as important, because a panel beater that has seen years of industry experience will certainly have first-hand and hands on knowledge about this type of repair. In line with this, the number of years that the company has been operating is a good sign of excellent workmanship, since they practically wouldn’t have … Continued