Tar is a very sticky material, and when it sticks onto your cars exteriors and left to dry, they can be very, very challenging to remove. Aside from the tar and heat doing damage to the car paint, the cleaning method used to remove the tar can also be the cause of the damage. Many people will try to remove the tar by scraping it off, and in the process, they end up scraping or scratching the paint as well. Worst is that even after all the trouble of scraping off the tar, there still remains some residue and these, together with the scratched and exposed surface will end up being corroded, leaving you with more trouble than when you started. As such, this process is better left at the hands of experts in car painting and smash repairs in Alexandria.
It’s pretty fun to write short messages or draw smiley faces on the car door or hood whenever there’s dust on them. However, this seemingly harmless past time can actually hurt your car’s paint. Whenever you or your kids write or draw on the dust buildup, you are actually scratching your car’s paint job – think about it as keying your car paint using small dust particles. In the same line, when cleaning out dust from your car, you should try to go as gently as possible in order to avoid creating scratches. If you unfortunately missed this tip and have scratched your car by rigorously scrubbing the dust away, you can talk to a professional car detailer or an expert in smash repairs in Pyrmont to fix your damaged car paint.