Trim Removal

Removing the trims on your car may be necessary in order to prevent any accidental sprays on them. This task though will require time, effort, and certain tools or equipment (depending on the type of trim in question) and all of these will have an impact on the overall cost of your spray painting needs for your Nissan smash repairs effort.
In high end shops, it is often a necessary part of their spray painting procedures to remove all trims that may be affected by the spray painting job, while in the lower end shops, the mechanics or technicians will simply mask the trims with paper or tape. They do this in order to save time and money. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee a good – let alone and excellent – outcome. If you really want your Mercedes smash repairs to be a success, then you may want to avoid low end paint and repair shops.
As such, it is really best to have the trims removed, and the remaining or surrounding areas be masked. Doing so will help to ensure a much cleaner and more professional looking finish – which is pretty important if you’re after getting your car back to its pre-accident condition. This is especially true if you are in the shop for Subaru smash repairs and are availing of spray painting as part of the packaged service.