What Risks Do Aftermarket Parts Have For Inner West Smash Repairs?

There are many cases where Inner West smash repairs require the use of new parts added to your vehicle. These include things like a new bumper panel depending on how damaged it might be following the wreck.

However, some places like to use aftermarket parts. These are parts that are made by companies with the intention of replacing all sorts of parts for a variety of vehicles. For instance, instance of acquiring a bumper made by Subaru for a specific model for Subaru smash repairs, you might get a generic bumper that is made to fit onto that Subaru among other vehicles.

This sounds convenient in theory and may be cheaper at times but the use of such parts is actually dangerous. There are several reasons why these parts can contribute to a real problem:

  • Such parts may not be made with the same things that your original vehicle was made with. The lightweight aluminum used on some Audi vehicles should be used in Audi smash repairs but an aftermarket part will entail something that might not match up in its build.
  • Some parts may be improperly sized. That is, the bumper might be a few millimetres shorter than what the original one had. This could create an unusual look or a tight or loose fit. It can cause damages to other parts of the vehicle and in some cases might even fall off while your car is in motion.
  • The mechanisms needed for keeping a part in place might vary. In some cases the seams will not fit well on an aftermarket part.
  • Aftermarket parts could potentially be shaded differently from the other parts on the outside of your vehicle. This could cause a slight imperfection in appearance to show up on your vehicle.
  • Your insurance policy might not cover all aftermarket parts. It may support original manufacturer parts instead.

All Inner West and Sydney smash repairs should be handled with original manufacturer parts and not with aftermarket parts. This is all about getting your car to look good as new again while ensuring that whatever you are using won’t be too difficult for your vehicle to handle.