What Steps Can a Car Owner Take to Prevent Hailstorm Damage to the Vehicle?

Hail damage to your vehicle could warrant the need for GIO insurance repairs. Large hailstones can cause significant damage to the exterior of the vehicle. It is true that hailstones will usually be small in size. But, a major storm could send hundreds of these stones falling from the skies on to the car. The impact will almost certainly cause some serious damage. Larger hailstones can cause even more extensive damage. In some cases, car owners have had to write off their vehicles because repairers felt that the vehicles were uneconomical to repair.

It is easy to suggest that car owners should keep their car under covers during hailstorms. But, this is neither practical or always practical. However, this is the best way to ensure that your car does not sustain any damage during a hailstorm. Keeping your car under cover can help you avoid the need for costly Volvo or Audi smash repairs. Some measures that car owners could consider to protect their cars include:

  • Using alternative modes of transport in case the day’s weather forecast warns of hailstorms
  • Ensuring that they can park their vehicles under cover, if they cannot postpone their trips
  • Look for covered car parking areas or service station awnings while on the road
  • Pulling over in safer areas where the car will remain visible to other drivers (in case they cannot locate a covered area)
  • Avoid parking under trees to avoid falling branches and,
  • Placing a thick blanket over the car in case you’re forced to leave it uncovered so as to minimise damage and the need for Holden or Nissan smash repairs