YOUI Insurance Repairs – Making your Insurance Claim

When you get your vehicle to a body shop who are approved for Youi insurance repairs, and if you are insured with Youi as well, you can easily lodge your claim, provide information and seek professional advice to speed your claim and the repair of your damaged vehicle.

A car accident can be extremely stressful and dealing with a non co-operative insurance company can add to your woes. The aftershock of an accident requires one to deal with their personal health and well being, police reports, deal with other parties involved in the accident and repair the damage to your car.

There are companies who offer full claim management services where they handle all insurance related paperwork, assessment of damage, authorization of repair, painting and return of your car. Youi insurance repairs include manufacturer approved repair techniques which guarantees long term results. For not at fault customers, replacement vehicles are provided during the time the car is being repaired.